Saturday, September 6, 2008

What a Saturday

Today was a very productive day. First I got woke up by my dh. He had a problem with our poor kitty. I guess the cat caught him off guard and bit him. Then he reacted and the cat went flying. AFter that the cat didn't act quite right. I felt bad for both of them. Hubby cried cause he felt so bad and the kitty just laid around.

After he started acting normal the hard work began. Although while kitty was under the weather we sat and talked, it was really nice to have some quiet time to talk while the kids were in bed.

Got breakfast made and then talked to my dear friend who lives in South Carolina now. While I was on the phone did some house work, finished dishes from breakfast, then headed to the big pile of clean clothes that needed folding.

Then we headed over to the same friends house here in Michigan. The are renting the place. We went there to pick apples. Now I have a job to get done. Applesauce here we come.

Then we power washed the deck, playhouse, and chicken coop. Then sealed it with water sealant. After that we worked on closing the pool. That went well.

While I cooked dinner dh planted some raspberry bushes we got. After all of this I am exhausted but feel good about what we got done. It is nice to have a productive day with my family.


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