Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Food Inc-Have to watch

I have been blessed to be able to watch the movie Food Inc twice. It is one of those movies that you need to have your entire family watch. It will change how you feel about the food you eat. It might even make you mad, which is what it has done for me. I get so irritated at the thought of what our government is doing when it comes to how we are fed. It is like they don't even care how sick we are. It really lets you see that money does talk.

The number of things that really made me think after watching this movie I cannot number. I will just list a few things.

*They are truly making a beef filler to get rid of the E-coli in our meat made from ammonia. Can you believe it we are eating ammonia and are okay with this, YUCK!!!!!
*That a company can buy the government so that it owns every seed that a farmer wants to plant and takes down the small farmer if they don't follow their business plan. Wasn't America founded on the premise that you can be who you want to be, this doesn't sound like it.
*That the animals in our country are being fed antibiotics because who know which one might be sick, so lets just treat them all.
*How our meat is being processed is totally disgusting.
*Oh the one that really got me was Sorry honey the pear is too much so we will go to McDonalds and buy you a burger there instead, are you kidding me. No way!!!!

Okay as you can see I get very upset about this. This is a must see movie. It is very eye opening.

The things that I am working on currently, most I was doing before I watched the movie.

*Trying to grow a lot of my own produce.
*Buying my meat from a local farmer. (Accomplished this year)
*Trying to be more self sufficient.
*Avoid any fast food. (Is a challenge but now totally see why it is important to plan ahead)
*Want to educate my kids about what they are eating not only whether it is a good food but where it came from.

This is my list and I would love to hear what others are doing to change what they are eating and what steps they are taking to keep the family informed and well nourished.

If you are reading this and choose to watch Food Inc. Please post to your blog and then head over to She Looketh Well
and leave a comment that you watched the movie and posted it to your blog. She is giving $75.00 of meat away this week. So I urge you to watch the movie and head over to her site and enter you name, please mention my blog if you do leave a comment.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Saturday's events

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I actually felt pretty prepared as far the kitchen and food preparation goes. For breakfast we had Oatmeal bake which I used from the Breakfast Challenge at She Looketh Well
Then we had Egg salad for lunch. Both of those took some thought ahead of time. That seems to be the challenge with eating the Nourishing Traditions way. I don't mind it just have to change how I think. Today we are having Egg Casserole from the cookbook that Candy at Keeping the Home
Today is our relaxing day, well it is suppose to be but this about kills my dh. We are going to my mom's for lunch after church. We will probably go for a walk while we are there. After that we head home and I usually don't do a whole lot but my husband usually stays pretty busy.

I hope everyone has a blessed day in the Lord.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Need to blog here more often

Well lately I have been blogging at my other blog. It is at I plan to start using this blog though.

Lets just start fresh with today. Today seemed like a never ending day. I got a lot done but it just never seems like enough and it also doesn't seem like I spend enough time doing the things I want to do with my girls. I haven't figured out how to work it all in.

I have been trying to cook more recipes from Nourishing Traditions. I really am learning a lot. Thursday I went to a mini Nourishing Traditions conference at Angie's house with Living off the Grid. She did a great job and today I was newly inspired. I made some chicken broth, soaked some oatmeal, and made Irish oatmeal for the kids for breakfast. We all liked it but my youngest but she is picky (not always it just depends on her mood).

Let's see what else did I get done. Moved my youngest daughter into her room. It was under construction and my dh finished it up this week. I picked up around the house. Of course homeschooled and made food.

My favorite part of the day was going for a walk with my dh. I was exhausted but it was great to have time to talk to him and discuss our days.

If you stop by please leave a note to let me know.

God Bless