Friday, December 9, 2016

Haven't wrote anything in a long time

Life has changed dramatically in the time since I last blogged.  Well we moved twice now since my last entry.  At the current time we are living in my parents basement.  Let's just say that life is very interesting here.  All four of us live in the basement.  My parents and my two nieces live upstairs.  We are making it work, but at times it can be difficult.  We are trying to find a house and currently that has not happened.   We are waiting for the Lord to open some doors. 

On that note, I feel like the Lord is trying to teach us something through all of this.  We are not sure what but are trying to figure that out.  At times it does get discouraging.  We would like to have our privacy again.  There is something to be said for having your own place.  You know if you want to have a lazy day you can.  Here I feel like I really am disappointing a lot of people if I am not doing something all the time.  

The up side of living here is that someone is always available to cook dinner.  Also not a lot to take care of.  Although that has felt very strange.  

So the projects I have been working on is an afghan.  I haven't crocheted much since I was a kid, but I have really enjoyed it. I am almost done.  I only have two more rows to go.  I am also sewing some projects for Christmas.  I have two more pajama bottoms to do and then they I am pretty much done.   We almost have all our Christmas shopping done.  I love it when we are done with the hustle and bustle.  

One of the things I want to work on this year is slowing down.  I have really noticed that life is constantly about hurrying up to the next thing.  I hate that.  I really want to seriously stop and smell the roses.  My husband and I go for a walk every night when he gets home from work. Yes in the cold and snow of Michigan.  One thing that I have stopped to notice is the sky at night.  There is a section of our walk where we walk passed two fields that are wide open spaces.  If feels like you are in a planetarium.  It is just amazing.  I have made my husband stop and enjoy it.  I know I need to do this more often.  I also want to stop and smile at the things going on around me.  My kids are hilarious if I just stop and listen.  

I plan to start documenting our lives.  Thank you for reading. 


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