Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Did find some things that are a little wacky about us

This is what happens when you send your kids to take the laundry off of the line. They get a little creative. Her entire head is full of clothes pins.

Do you think this might be the new style this coming fall???

This day my oldest decided to see how many grapes she could shove into her mouth. Doesn't she look like a chipmunk or squirrel?

Here she is just being plan old goofy. How do you like the hair?

This one is our jokester of the family. Can you tell she loves to make funny faces

I was feeling kind of awful about how much fun we have around here. I thought that we were pretty lame until I started to download some of my pictures so we could go on vacation this week and then I saw all of these funny snapshots. So I had to share. I don't feel as bad, my kids do look like they are having some fun.

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