Monday, March 23, 2009

Todays To Do List

Well today is going to be very busy, that is if I can get my butt off of the couch and this computer and get moving. This is the list of things I need to get done today.

Dishes (Which always pile up on Sunday, the rest of the week I can stay on top of them but I am very lazy after church on Sunday)
Laundry ( I already hear that one load is done need to get it in the dryer)
Schoolwork (This is an everyday thing)
Need to head to town and clean the dance studio
Go to Dance at 3:00
Take Oldest daughter to Girl Scouts at 4:30 with cookie slips and music project with her
Drop off Youngest daughter to her dance class at 5:30

Then the best part of the day I get to come home and have an hour to myself with no interruptions. What can I do with this time is beyond me. I will be cooking dinner but I love it when the house is quiet for just a little while. I don't like a long time of quiet then I go a little nuts. I think I can find something to do. Okay, I know I can find something to do.

Lately I have been doing some spring cleaning my kitchen was the first thing I needed to tackle. I have crossed a lot of things off of my list so far. I could work on that. I could just take a bath and read a book that would be good also. Who knows the possibilites are limitless. I thought about going for a walk that would be peaceful. All day today I will be contemplating what I will do with my hour. Okay it is sad that I am this excited to have some alone time. I love my girls but one hour of peace and not having to worry about where the girls are is very nice.

Have a blessed day

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