Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What I accomplished

Well yesterday wasn't a total flop. It was a crazy day though. I did get the dishes done and the luandry is looking a lot better. I need to put that away today but that doesn't take long. I still will do a couple more loads today. I never made it to the dance studio in time to clean it. I don't know what I was thinking but at noon I decided to play with the girls and then the phone rang and I came to get it and looked at the clock and it was 1:45. We had to leave in 15 minutes and we hadn't even ate lunch yet. Then once I got off the phone and started getting ready the phone rang again and I was glad I was here to take the call. So we never left the house until 3:00 and that meant I was just going to make it to my dance class. My oldest daughter did make to to Brownies. I am always so proud of her there. She shows me that we are doing the right thing homeschooling. She is always well mannered and doesn't act up when they are given a little bit of free time. (Way to go little one) Now my youngest on the other hand would not go to dance. I don't know what her deal is lately but she has been fighting me when it comes to dance. We only have about 6 weeks left and she is going to have to finish out the year. I understand if she doesn't want to do it next year but this year she has to finish what she started. I know part of the problem is she doesn't like tap and that is the dance they are doing for recital. She loves ballet. I don't know if next year she will be able to move up to a ballet class but if not she is not going to do dance. She came home with me today instead of going to dance. I just didn't know if I should forcer her to go.

Well when she came home with me that means I didn't get my hour to myself. This is the 2nd time that I was suppose to have some alone time and it didn't happen. It is pretty sad when all I look forward to is one hour every other week and then it doesn't happen. Oh well hopefully in 2 weeks I will get to have some down time. Althought I think I might be gone then. See I am not meant to be alone.

Have a blessed day

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