Friday, April 26, 2013

Last day of vacation

You look so forward to vacation to get here and then all of a sudden it is over.  That day has come.  We just got done trying to get everything packed up as much as possible before we head out in the morning.  It really is a sad moment.  We tried to convince Tony to extend the vacation by another week.  He said if we could convince the owners to let us stay here for free that we could stay.  Too bad that will never happen. 

Today we really did take it easy.  I think we were all so exhausted that we just need some down time before the big drive home.  We stayed at the condo until after lunch.  The girls went swimming.  Tony joined them, but I stayed out and watched.  I was able to do some reading. 

During our vacation I started a reading program to go through the Bible in a year.  So while they were swimming that is what I was catching up.  Since I have only been doing it for 5 days I was already behind by one day.  I can see how well this will go.  I do a daily devotional but listened to a sermon while we were on vacation that really challenged me to go through the whole Bible.

This afternoon we headed out to go and play in the river.  There are pull offs all over the place here and the girls love to go in the water.  It was so cold but they did not care.  Kaliegh said she couldn't even tell the water was cold since she couldn't feel her legs anymore.  Did this stop them?  Oh no.  They still played in the water. 

The we headed back and they did some more swimming in the heated pool.  They seemed to be waterlogged today.  Now they are crashed watching a movie.  It is 6:30 and I am in my pjs.  This definitely is vacation.  It all ends tomorrow. We hit the road by 8:00.  Hopefully everything goes well and we are home by 8:00.  Michigan is suppose to be warm so that will be nice. 

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