Friday, August 29, 2008


Yesterday I spent most of my morning canning. I did 3 pints of peach jam and 22 pints of whole tomatoes. That is an awesome feeling. Isn't it funny what a row of jars can do for your mood. It is a ton of work but they look so pretty and you feel a little more secure that your family is going to make it through the winter a little better with your efforts. I also think it is amazing that everything in those jars my hands have touched.

I also got to visit with a friend yesterday. My motto lately has been "My plans are My plans, the interruptions are His plans" So I had a few interruptions yesterday but I truely enjoyed them. The only thing I didn't like is that while my friend was here visiting I let the girls put in a movie and then it was really hard to get back on track for school. Oh well learned my lesson.

Today we are headed to an Amish quilt auction. There is also a really large flea market there. We should have fun. I am going with a good friend, my mom, and an older couple that our kids call grandma and grandpa. We are going to have a picnic and hopefully just enjoy ourselves.

Have a wonderful day


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